Apologies for this giveaway coming so late, but at a great time nonetheless (I think, in my biased opinion).  Three wonderful games are currently 50% off here. With the recent pirating issues, I think it is even more important than ever to support indie developers so we can continue to get amazing games like these.

There will be two winners(You must have your ask box open and you must be willing to give me an email so I can gift the game to you.) You can pick one of these three if you’re a winner.


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The contest ends on the 16th of May.

Here’s a contest for a chance to win one of these games! Enter if you’d like~

Signed X

Signed X is a silly otome game. Marty loves manga and dreams of being the heroine of a of a manga romance. This makes things interesting when she sees a boy leaving flowers on her desk.

This is a fun game, but it took me quite a few tries to get each ending so keep that in mind~


he-gives-sweet-nothing asked: How do you contact them for the translating of Starry Sky?

believe you can contact them  here http://otomegirlkawaii.tumblr.com/ask to get involved, but all I know is in the ask I published. sorry~

A Troll’s Fairy Tale


In this game you play Acacia, a troll who is rough around the edges but secretly dreams of a fairy tale romance. There are two boys that you can date. This is one of the best otome games I have played in a long time. Very funny and cute. 


Anonymous asked: where to find free ds english patch download?

normally googling “[name of game] ds english patch” will help you, if a patch exists.

Anonymous asked: where to find the hiiro no kakera ds english patch?

i don’t believe one has been made yet. :(

Anonymous asked: how come you dont put anymore games on your blog? :(

sorry sorry I’ll be better!

the Starry Sky Series is being translated! but they need YOU

if you can help out with the translating and would like to volunteer, the best bet is probably to contact otomegirlkawaii!

reblog this to spread the word- the more people that help, the sooner we can all play it!

hi! sorry I have not been posting lately (︶︹︺)

life has been extra life-y this year. 

but I should be able to pick back up again soon.

in the meanwhile, if anyone wants to do me a huge favor, can you retweet [this] tweet if you have a twitter? it’s really important to me. please please thank you! i will update soon pinky promise (▰˘◡˘▰)

thentherewasia asked: i tried downloading the Girlish Love Revo from the link you gave but it isnt downloading for me. :( All i was able to download is the english patch... can you direct me to a different link perhaps? thank you!


that should work! after the count down there may be a picture that says “Pick the _____ (1 of 3)” (mine was a flower) do that for each of the three things and a download button will appear and you can get it!